Design Inspo: Chic White + Gold Home Office

Design Inspo: Chic White + Gold Home Office

Hello lovelies, I'm back with another dreamy inspo post for you. I have been daydreaming (as usual) of a white and gold designer home office that would exude a classic sophistication with my favorite color-combo white+gold. I found some beautiful pieces from Layla Grace, a super pretty wallpaper over at York Wallcoverings, a few fun additions from Surya, and just had to share. 

Inspo Pick One | Worlds Away William White Desk by Layla Grayce

1- Worlds Away William White Desk (Layla Grayce).jpg

This desk is oh-so-pretty, elegant, and perfectly white. The gold leafing on the legs and glass knobs add the perfect amount of glam.

Inspo Pick Two | Arteriors Worchester Gold Leaf Etagere by Layla Grayce

e·ta·gere [ātäˈZHer], noun

a piece of furniture with a number of open shelves for displaying ornaments.
2 - Arteriors Worchester Gold Leaf Etagere (Layla Grayce).jpg

Etagere, ugh it sounds as fancy as it looks. I love the staggered shelving making the placement of your accessories easier. I would recommend keeping the accessories simple and not overfilling each shelf. Maybe two shelves reserved for a small set of books. I suggest color coordinating your books, always (more on this to come in the future, so stay tuned.)

Inspo Pick Three | Gabby Lighting Alta Chandelier by Layla Grayce

3 - Gabby Lighting Alta Chandelier (Layla Grayce).jpg

I have a bit of an obsession with lighting, when I was in school, I took my lighting choices very seriously and would use chandeliers as a major source of design inspiration. Seriously, I LOVE chandeliers, and when I found this beauty by Layla Grayce it was love at first sight. 

Inspo Pick Four | Candice Olson Whisper Plush Pile Rug by Surya

4 - Candice Olson Whisper Plush Rug (Surya) 3.jpg

When I started hunting down rug choices, I perked up when I came across this cozy pile rug and even more so when I saw that it was from design Candice Olson. I don't know if any of you remember her HGTV show Divine Design, but I used to watch it religiously. Her designs are so sophisticated, I mean, just look at this rug, it's fancy and probably soft enough to sleep on, what more could you want?

Inspo Pick Five | Singed Wallpaper in Mist from the Ashford Whites Collection by York Wallcoverings

5 - Ashford White Singed Wallpaper (York).jpg

I am so excited about this one right here. LOOK at this wallpaper! The pattern on this is meant to resemble layered paper with a burnt finish on the edges. It would make for such an attractive statement wall and would complement the contemporary furniture selections. If you check out the product page here, they have a product image of it on a wall in a darker colorway that demonstrates the effect of the pattern. 

Inspo Pick Six | Gabby Furniture Bridgette Swivel Chair by Layla Grayce

6 - Gabby Furniture Bridgette Swivel Chair (Layla Grace).jpg

Now for the "office chair," I love unconventional furniture picks, and I'm sure that if working every day meant parking myself onto this classic but comfy chair, getting out of bed would be much easier. Plus, it swivels! 

Inspo Pick Seven | Kharaa Pouf by Surya

7 - Kharaa Pouf (Surya).png

For the times you want to kick your feet up, or you just want your cat to nap in style next to you while you hustle, this is the piece for you, Plus, it brings in the lovely millennial pink that has me head over heels 

Inspo Pick Eight | Nadia Gold Wall Clock by Layla Grayce

8 - Nadia Gold Wall Clock.jpg

It may take me a few seconds to figure out what time it is with the roman numerals, but to be honest, I'm going to be admiring it for longer than that anyways. Plus, I think most of us use our phones for time, but when I find a really pretty wall clock such as this, I just can't help myself. 

Inspo Pick Nine | The Accessories

One of my favorite accent color combos is pink and navy. I love the weight that a dark color brings to a design scheme, and it can be accomplished so easily with just a handful of accessories. Here are a few honorable mentions for those little pops of color and texture.

Glyph Pillow by Surya

9 - Glyph Navy Pillow.png
9 - Ceramic Buddha.png
9 - Lili-Alessandra_LAL362RBL.jpg

There you have it, the perfect home office companion to my previous post for creating an ultra-glam bar which you can read here: 

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