Inspiring & Fun Instagram Hashtags to Follow

Inspiring & Fun Instagram Hashtags to Follow

I am a huge advocate for curating your home and environment to allow you to step fully into your life, and that includes social media. When Instagram introduced the feature of following hashtags I was all on board (aside from the questionable new algorithm). The internet can be a total stalker and will respond accordingly to your browsing and social media habits. So... be intentional with what you expose yourself to day in and day out. This includes unfollowing accounts that don’t serve you. Instagram hashtags are a great way of accomplishing this as well. It allows you to control more of what pops up on your feed which can be powerful when done right. Here are some of inspiration Instagram hashtags to help fuel daily inspiration, enjoy!

Instagram Hashtags 1 | #InteriorDesign

Photo Credit:  Wicker Paradise

Photo Credit: Wicker Paradise

I'm an interior designer at heart (and by college degree) and this hashtag has my heart. Chances are if you are a fan of this blog, you love interior design too. I love the daily inspiration and seeing gorgeous photos from designers around the world. It also fills me with ideas for some updates I'd like to make around my apartment. Many of which I will be featuring this coming year.

Instagram Hashtags 2 | #DreamVacation

Photo Credit:  Lina Smith

Photo Credit: Lina Smith

Goals are important, and big goals are my favorite. The photos that pop up under #DreamVacation are crazy beautiful. It's enough to fire you up to get to your dream destination. I am all about creating a home you never want to leave, but let's be honest, everyone needs a vacation at least once a year. I've always wanted to visit Paris for the romance, Hungary to meet family I only know through facebook, and the hubby has dreamed of seeing the Colosseum in Rome. What are some of your dream destinations?

Instagram Hashtags 3 | #AudreyHepburn


I am obsessed with Audrey and everything she stood for. She embodied the notion of living in the moment and it inspires me to live the same (even though it's not that easy). Seeing her on my Instagram feed is a consistent reminder to live my truth and live it fully. Plus she has so many good quotes it's hard not to be inspired.

Instagram Hashtags 4 | #Balloons

Photo Credit:  Emily May

Photo Credit: Emily May

This one is dedicated to my inner child, who I have been trying to pull out of retirement. Before you think this is completely childish, take a look at the IG feed. You won't see any cheap grocery store balloons on Instagram, you are going to find the prettiest and biggest swanky round balloons instead. I mean, look at these big round balloons! What can I say? It's the little things that make me happy. I had no idea balloons could be so fancy! While you're at it you should check out @wildchilddparty, because they know what's up #balloongoals.

Instagram Hashtags 5 |  #Macarons

Photo Credit:  Ai Amo

Photo Credit: Ai Amo

I've tried making macarons twice, both times they came out tasting delicious but looking ridiculous. This hashtag is my little reminder that I still have a frustrating need to master these finicky little cookies. I love baking and I used to make cupcakes all the time, but I need more of a challenge. When I found out how difficult and tricky macarons are to bake, I got an itch to try them out. It’s crazy how pretty and delicious macarons can be and following this hashtag has got me wanting to tackle them again. So stay tuned, I will be blogging about my macaron experience. I'm thinking champagne macarons, what do you think?

I'm curious, what are your favorite Instagram hashtags (and accounts) to follow and why?

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